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No matter you are buyer or supplier, importer or exporter, shipping incoterms are a very important thing you should know.

The Supply Chain

After the manufacture of a commodity, the next step is to move it to the consumers. Moving the product follows a supply chain. Therefore, a supply chain is an organized system in which a product moves through to reach consumers.

Quality Inspection

When making purchases of any kind, quality is one of the critical factors to consider. You do not want to procure sub-standard products. For this reason, it becomes essential first to do a thorough search of whatever you plan to buy, especially if overseas.


Product manufacturing aims to sell finished products and earn a profit. However, selling the products requires techniques to convince customers to buy

Top 10 Fabric Kinds

Things are changing first, and people now appreciate what they wear nowadays. If you approach a` person and ask the kind of fabric they are wearing, you will be impressed since they know. There are different kinds of fabric, and the taste depends on your customer. For you as seller, you only need to avail the variety and leave the rest to us.

Import From China

Many importers and label owners think that contacting with manufactures directly can save their cost and they can get the products which they looking for with cheap price, they think buying directly from the factories will avoid paying commission to trading companies.

The Process of Sea and Air shipping

Trading at the international scene is not simple, especially when it comes to shipping commodities.

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