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Shana Int’l has been founded on 2014 to serve you on sourcing and trading business and to bridges the gap between you and the manufacturers, You can always use Shana int’l qualified team as it’s your company and your team, We understand that sourcing raw material for manufacturers and products of high quality for sellers from China can be quite an inconvenience, and are happy to announce that we are your solution.
Supply Chain

Professionally, is the way we do our work, we carry all the responsibility of what we do to serve our clients.

With Partners

With strong partners in the shipping field covering each inch in the world carrying the products to any port.

Product Development

Perfectly, as we tack care of all the process details, even if it's very small details to get perfect products.

Quality Control

Strictly because we don't leave any small details without checking it to be sure that we able to achieve the requirements. 

Products Marketing

How we can arrive at each single client door using almost modern and updated marketing tools.

Production Following Up

Actively, because we are not only monitoring it but to be sure it's running based on the planned schedule.


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Together with our perfect client growing up and achieve the goals on our way to build a bright future and make the history of the successful business
Wanna produce product or looking for materials, visit many manufacturers without moving, negotiate the price, place the orders, follow production control the quality, let’s help you.
Shana Int’l Your Solution Ever

Wanna establish a new business, wanna have your own brand and become label owner. designing, developing, marketing, producing, shipping .. and many works to do. Don’t strain your mind.
Shana Int’l Convert The Ideas To Real 


Wanna present your products to every expected buyer in the global market by professional way, negotiating prices on your behalf and get you the necessary orders, Save your time.
Shana Int’l Knocking Every Buyer Door


You always buy many products from China? Looking for a trustable hand to carry it and swim on the deep ocean, fly on the high sky carrying your goods safely to your place anywhere in the world.
Shana Int’l Manage The Movement.

We offer high-quality Products

Most Famous Products We Are Sourcing For Our Clients
Also... There are So Many Other Products

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No matter you are buyer or supplier, importer or exporter, shipping incoterms are a very important thing you should know.


When making purchases of any kind, quality is one of the critical factors to consider. You do not want to procure sub-standard products. For this reason, it becomes essential first to do a thorough search of whatever you plan to buy, especially if overseas.

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